Rig's Dream

Rig's Dream Rig's Dream

Rig a young school boy hates english. He does not seem to remember spellings. Often resulting in being punished and his fellow students having a laugh at him. The night before the english test in school, he is upset, stressed and afraid. He sleeps trying to calm himself down. Rig then has a dream; he falls into a dreamland full of letters where the teacher now turned witch awaits him. The only way to survive and get out is by making words out of the letters around him. The witch turns up the heat as Rig manages to survive and move forward. But will he be able to wake up? What happens in his dream? Where does the witch take him? Poor little boy needs your help. Will you be the one?

Features :
• A 3D adventure game with 3 different game modes - Story Mode, Arcade Mode & Easy Mode.
• Travel through 6 different worlds each with mesmerizing surroundings and unique enemies.
• The difficulty increases with each world. Do you have it in you to conquer all?
• Create word the witch gives you from the letters around you.