Rise of Incarnates


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It was a true catastrophe. Despite the differences in geographical location, it was the same scene the world over: Meteorites fell from the sky, causing a spread of massive cold fronts over several areas. This so-called "cube phenomenon" has enveloped the world, and the people live in perpetual fear of what will become of their planet.

The people lived in an era in which those with special abilities-- dubbed "incarnates"-- roamed the land. The incarnates possessed daimons, who could draw special powers from gods, demons, and monsters present in ancient mythology. But because of their supernatural powers, they were often feared by the general public, and the authorities would attempt to harness these powers for their own ends. As fate would have it though, one day a voice spoke out to all the incarnates: "To avoid certain destruction, you must defeat the Sovereign of this era."

Each incarnate responded to this message differently. Some took it as a revelation, others thought it was merely some sort of hallucination. There were those who took it as a sign of ill omen for the future, while others still tried to use the situation to their advantage and fulfill their innate desires. But regardless of their varying reactions, not a one among them knew what the "Sovereign of this era" was supposed to mean.

With their own interpretations and reasons for fighting, the incarnates enter the fray.

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