Serious Sam: The Random Encounter


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Pull the trigger and watch the baddies scatter in Serious Sam's first RPG adventure! Join Sam and his team of gun-wielding heroes on their majestic quest across time to once again bring down the vile Mental. Select your weapon of choice, take aim at the oncoming horde and unleash hell on legions of pixel-icious monstrosities. You've never experienced the all-out action of Serious Sam like this before.


• Turn-Based Awesome - Engage dozens of charging enemies at once and dispense of their unpleasantness with your favorite Serious weapons. Line-up a devastating sniper shot for one hit kills or drop a grenade in the midst of a group of Headless Kamikazes and watch the fireworks take over.

• Massive Bosses - It wouldn't be a proper RPG without oversized boss encounters and Serious Sam has been known to drop a ginormous beast or two. Set your sights on their feet and bring them down before your team is wiped out!

• Stylized Graphics - The world of Serious Sam has been re-imagined as a beautifully retro-inspired struggle against uncomfortably cute demons and beasts. Not to worry, you'll happily return fire after you take your first missile to the face.

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