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Stasis is an upcoming 2D adventure game by indie developer – Christopher Bischoff of THE BROTHERHOOD.
Taking control of John, the player must interact with the environment and complete puzzles to progress further in the story and explore the Groomlake’s mysteries.
The graphics are created from highly detailed, two-dimensional artwork that is drawn from an isometric view point.
Inspired by the adventure game Sanitarium and the art of Crusader No Remorse; Stasis has a unique visual aesthetic that brings this horrifying tale to life.
Stasis has been a passion for almost three years. Chris, a 3D artist by trade, has spent a year of his free time in graphics research and story design and a further two years creating the graphic content for the game.

Stasis delves into the struggle between good and evil while delivering a fun and challenging adventure experience and an epically engaging story.
The world of Stasis harkens back to Sci-Fi classics like Alien, Event Horizon and Sunshine.
It is set in a time of blurred morality, where corporate pursuit of profit outweigh the rights of the few.
In this dystopian future, an ordinary man must make the best of an extraordinary situation and save his family.

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