Storm Over The Pacific


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Storm over the Pacific is a grand strategy game which gives the player the ability to control the events of World War II in the theater of Asia and the Pacific Ocean. The player can put his strategic abilities to the test by controlling the USA, Japan or a smaller country. It is also possible to choose any combination from the 26 available countries.

Storm over the Pacific consists of 4 big campaigns and 8 scenarios that take the player to the countless Pacific islands, to China and to Australia. Accurate map projections, numerous historical events and precise army structure let you become a great leader from the World War II era. Engaging in land and sea battles lets you change the course of history during hundreds of hours of unique gameplay.

Storm over the Pacific includes significantly enhanced ideas from World War 2: Time of wrath (the previous game from Wastelands Interactive) which are moved into different geopolitical realities. WW2:ToW enjoys high popularity, and received critical acclaim from players and the media.

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