After two years, Pokémon Go has made close to $2 billion

Free to play mobile games have been some of the biggest earners in the entire industry over the past decade and one of the most popular and highest earning mobile titles ever, is Pokémon Go. On the second anniversary of its release, SensorTower has released a study of the game's success and found that it continues to earn more than $2 million a day and over the last two years has earned $1.8 billion for its developer, Niantic.

As much as that is a monumental figure, it does represent a slow down in the game's financial growth. It earned its first billion dollars just six months after release in January 2017. While it continues to be a high earner, the big drop off in player numbers since then has been a contributor to its slackened off earnings.

Still, at the time of writing it's a top-10 earning app on the iOS store, ranking number nine in June 2018 where it brought it more than $70 million worldwide.

Over its tenure as a top-earning application, the most monetary investment has come from U.S. players, who have spent a collective $607 million on in-game currency to help them buy egg hatchers, experience boosts, lures, luckey eggs, raid passes, and more. Japan is close behind having spent half a billion dollars themselves, while Germany, Great Britain and Taiwan, follow up with $96, $77, and $48 million respectively.

The game continues to grow in features and gameplay too, with new Pokémon added all the time, new battle mechanics and team activities. With hundreds of other Pokémon still to add to the game and new ones releasing the mainline franchises every couple of years, it's quite possible that Pokémon Go will remain a popular game for years to come.

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