This Ain't For Wimps - The Ultimate Fighting Championship

Welcome to the brutal world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A contest that is so brutal, that it has actually been banned in England and in some states. It is a no holds barred contest where fighters from almost every martial art and street fighters come together to test who can knock someone else unconscious first.

Now the game company, Crave has gotten the rights the UFC license and is bringing this game to the Playstation and the Dreamcast. Players can play one of twenty two champs and can even create their own barbarian.

There will also be many playable modes including custom tournatments, practice sessions, a two player mode and of course the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Each fighter will have a spectacular entrance and there will more moves that you can shake a fist at. There will be over 3000 moves you can perform after the ref rings the bell. Like the Tekken games, each button will control a limb and combining buttons and directional movements are sure to be lethal and exciting, just like the real Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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