Apple Caught Doctoring Evidence In Galaxy Tab Lawsuit

While examining the evidence submitted by Apple to the Düsseldorf court in their lawsuit against Samsung,, a Dutch IDG publication, discovered that one of the images was photoshopped to suit Apple's argument better.

In the lawsuit Apple claims that the "overall appearance" of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 is "practically identical" to its own iPad 2.

Page 28 of the complaint contains a photograph of an iPad 2 and a Galaxy Tab side to side, with the caption "The overall appearance of the two products shown above is almost identical, because the Galaxy Tab 10.1 copies all distinctive elements of equipment of the iPad 2."

Problem is, the dimensions of the Galaxy Tab in said photo were altered subtly to resemble those of the iPad 2.

The Galaxy Tab measures 256.7 x 175.3 millimeters while the iPad 2 measures 240×186 millimeters. This means that the two devices in the image were not scaled by the same ratio, but that's not all.

In addition to using a different zoom level, Apple also altered the aspect ratio of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the photo from its real life 1.46 aspect ratio to 1.36 which looks much closer to iPad 2's aspect ratio of 1.30.

Unsurprisingly, Photoshopped images are not common in court filings. The last case we know of was in 2010 when a career criminal attempted to photoshop himself into images of volunteer work and was sentenced for 23 years in prison. We still don't know how Apple plans to defend itself but we expect that it will probably try to brush it off as an "honest mistake."

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