Apple Would’ve Had Kinect But It Was A Pain In The Ass

Apple would have been the company to manufacture Kinect, had it been less of a pain in the product developer's ass.

Speaking to Cult Of Mac's Leander Kahney, Primesense CEO Inon Beracha revealed that the first company they tried to sell their motion tech - which resides at Kinect's core - to was Apple. "It was the most natural place for the technology," he said before explaining that their technology felt like the natural successor to Apple's iPhone multitouch screen: "It was multitouch that you didn't even have to touch."

Unfortunately for Apple, its obsession with secrecy has led them into asking Inon to sign a stack of crippling legal contracts and NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements). Seeing that "Apple is a pain in the ass," and feeling confident that his company's technology is hot, Inon decided to stop negotiating with Apple and started marketing it to other Silicon Valley company, and that's how it fell into Microsoft's hands.

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