Arcadeggeddon is first PS5 game to get FSR support

AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution is making big waves in PC gaming for its ability to make a big impact on in-game performance — albeit in a limited number of games — providing a credible alternative to DLSS in some cases, and a way to boost performance in non-DLSS games in others. It was expected to come to Xbox consoles in short order, but it's now made the leap to PlayStation, with Arcadegeddon being the very first PS5 game to get FSR support.

Arcadegeddon is a four player cooperative shooter in an ever-evolving environment with various biomes, secrets to uncover, a wide range of enemies to gun down, and massive, scary bosses. It's a little generic in scope, but has a unique look and feel, and now we can guarantee performance on all platforms will be that bit better thanks to FSR.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony never announced that FSR would be available on its platform, but since the RDNA2 GPU hardware can handle FSR, and it's now been incorporated with the Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, it's a cinch to add it to vast swathes of games.

FSR looks set to become a very commonplace feature, and that's only to the benefit of everyone.

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