BattleTech, No Man's Sky Hits Xbox Games Pass PC

No Man's Sky Cross-Play

BattleTech and No Man’s Sky is now available to play through the Xbox Game Pass subscription for PC. They join three other PC games now available or coming soon: Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2, Dungeon of the Endless, and The Bard’s Tale (June 18).

For the uninitiated, Xbox Game Pass for PC is a monthly subscription that allows you to install and play a shuffling library of over 100 games on a Windows 10 PC.

Typically, this service costs $10 per month but Microsoft is currently running a “beta” promotion that cuts the monthly fee in half. If you have an Xbox One console as well, you can roll the service into Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan so you can play a near-identical library on both devices for a single monthly price.

But Xbox Game Pass is more than just your average gaming buffet. You have immediate access to Microsoft’s first-party titles like Minecraft Dungeons, Gears 5, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and more. New third-party game launches included The Outer Worlds and Streets of Rage 4.

The addition of No Man’s Sky is significant. For one, this version is specifically fine-tuned for Windows 10, presumably capable of accessing exclusive features only available through Microsoft’s UWP platform. It also signals the launch of cross-platform multiplayer support, meaning PC gamers, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners can explore together.

“A tremendous amount of work has gone into this update and the underlying technology and systems,” says managing director Sean Murray. “We’ve moved to an entirely new networking architecture, with more flexibility for the future, allowing players to play together regardless of platform.”

The other notable game, BattleTech, was created by Jordan Weisman, one of the developers responsible for the original MechWarrior games.

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