Bethesda: Don’t Expect Any Fallout News So Soon

A lot of Fallout fans have bought into the rumors that the next Fallout game was demoed secretly behind doors during E3 2013. Unfortunately, those rumors aren’t true.

"What people need to understand -- whether it is Bethesda Game Studios, Arkane or anybody -- expecting information like that in any short period of time after they moved off one project to the other is really unrealistic," noted Bethesda VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines.

"We are not into annual franchises -- just trying to spin out a version of our game year, after year, after year -- like, we have never done that, I don't see that it is something that we are doing anytime soon," said Hines. "But that doesn't mean that we are going to take our time and wait six or seven years in between a game that a studio puts out. But these are big games that take a long time and folks need to understand that we have a very certain way of going about things."

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