Bioware debuts third "You've been Chosen" trailer

Bioware and EA have been teasing a new game for a while now, supposedly called Shadow Realms. They've released two trailers so far, showing quite different things, but both based around the idea of someone watching the characters and that they've been "chosen", for something. This third teaser continues that trend, but ups the ante on the crazy.

In case you can't watch the video above, it shows a young woman walking, saying something that's hard to make out, before the clarity suddenly improves and she's saying "it's not my fault," over and over.

The next cut shows us a scene from on high, with a house being engulfed by the same dark, smoke apparition from the first trailer.

The only other hint we get about what this is all about, is the video's description which asks the question, "can you control your power?" suggesting that characters in this game will have some sort of supernatural abilities. What those powers are yet, we have no idea, but an upcoming fan event on the 13th of this month in Cologne is promising to tell us more.

What do you guys think this game is about?

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