Catch Pokémon Go Pokémon with the new Go Ring

A new accessory has hit the market for popular augmented reality catch-em-all title, Pokémon Go. Joining the little hip-worn accessory which previously let you catch basic Pokémon at the touch of a button, this new ring does exactly the same thing, but from your ring finger instead!

Pokémon Go may not be the powerhouse it was after its first release, but it still has millions of active players and earns Niantic several million dollars a month - in fact it wasn't that long ago that it passed the billion dollar mark, making Niantic one of the most cash-rich developers in the world.

The Pokéon Go ring is a very simple accessory, as indeed, it is exactly the same as the Go Plus device we saw last year, but attached to a ring instead of a bracelet. That means you can wear it on your finger, hook it through a belt loop, or attach it to just about anything you want, rather than having to wear it like a watch in a manner that may make it far too visible for those a little unsure about showing such allegiance to a mobile game.

While this ring accessory is unlikely to really bring back the popularity of the game, it may be a fun way for some players to augment their play - especially since it's so cheap. At just 400 Yen ($3.50) in Japan, just about anyone can afford it (thanks Eurogamer).

The question is now, whether it will receive an international release.

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