CS:GO Mod Brings back Office Map

A recreation of the classic Counter Strike Office map is back in CS:GO thanks to a new player-made mod. Developed by a team of modders made up of Stefftek.de, Aqua, and Cloud, the map, called CS_Bureau, is Office in all but name, but with a more modern flavour. It's a hostage rescue map, tasking one team with saving them, and the other, from holding on to them.

“Among the hostages is the managing director, for whom a ransom demand is outstanding,” the creators explain (via PCGamesN. “The hostage-takers have locked themselves in the conference area of the restored office complex. The Federal Police’s GSG9, a specially trained anti-terrorist unit, is tasked with freeing the hostages. Enter the complex. Shooting clearance has been given.”

The creators claim they spent around 120 hours building the map, crafting plenty of choke points, dangerous corners, hiding spots, and a few Easter eggs for fans of the original Office map to find.

If you want to try out the CS_Bureau map yourself, you can download it from the Steam Workshop — along with plenty of other player made maps and mods.

There's also a CS:GO compatible version of the original Office map, if you want to play that. Download it here.

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