DDR5 memory record breaches 10GHz

DDR5 memory was always thought to have a high ceiling for performance, but this is ridiculous. Hot on the heels of 8GHz frequencies being reached at the end of last year, Hong Kong-based overclocker, LUPIN_NO_MUSUME has managed to break through the 10GHz barrier, ushering in a new era of DDR5 performance as we await new generation CPUs launching later this year.

The achieve this monstrous overclock, LUPIN_NO_MUSUME used an Intel Core i9-12900K cooled under liquid nitrogen and running at a diminutive 3.7GHz. While the CPU was running slow, though, the memory was not. Using an Asus ROG Maximumx Z690 motherboard, the unnamed memory kit (though confirmed via HWBot reporting) was able to hit 10,552 megatransfers per second, colloquially known as 10.5GHz. It was only one 16GB stick, but that's not surprising. There aren't many that would be capable of these kinds of speeds.

Timings had to be loosened quite significantly, hitting 127-120-120-120-127-2, so overall performance probably wouldn't be that great, but this is still a hell of an achievement and shows where DDR5 memory may be able to get to in the future.

We now have manufacturers launching 7GHz+ kits that should work right out of the box with an XMP enabled. With Zen 4 and Raptor Lake CPUs set to push DDR5 adoption into the mainstream, more people will be looking to these kind of high-speed sticks to make the most of their new-gen CPUs.

Are you upgrading to DDR5 this year?

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