Defense of the Legends lets you play LoL in DotA 2

If you've ever wanted to put Pudge up against Blitzcrank, or Nocturne against Night Stalker to see who is king of their respective domains, you may soon be able to find out, as a fan of both League of Legends and DotA 2, has begun a new modification thanks to the latter's Steam Workshop support, to port LoL's map, champions and their abilities, into DotA.

It's called, Defense of the Legends" , and it's in the very early stages of development at the moment, so there isn't much to show off, but it does have a working minimap and creep spawning in the developer's test version.

For now it's a project that's strictly personal, with just the one individual working on it. However, in the future, they've said that they want to open it up to the community, to help create champions, which unfortunately due to the import process are a much more complicated kettle of fish.

For starters, new models and skins need to be created, as importing them straight leaves them all blocky and pointy. Then there's the added voice acting which the creator is keen to implement, though things like abilities, damage, health and everything else will remain strictly faithful to the original game.

While that might create balance issues, that's going to be half the fun of the final game: watching to see which champions can take down which heros and visa versa.

The creator has said they plan to add "multiple game types, eg. Hero vs Champs on a 50:50 map, Heros and Champs mixed on either map, free item mode where you can build either games items as a hero or champion! But all this comes after a lot of other things."

If you eventually got to have a go at this mod before Riot shuts it down with a cease and desist, what sort of champion/hero matchups would you like to make happen?

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