DotA Underworlds is Valve's take on DotA Auto Chess

If you fancy reliving the moment you moved from the original Defence of the Ancients map to Valve's DotA 2 reimagining of the classic MOBA game mode, then now's your chance. Valve has now made its own take on the DotA 2 mod, Auto Chess, and called it DotA Underworlds.

"For the last few weeks, we’ve been running a Friends and Family Beta, and today we’re expanding it to include all Dota 2 Battle Pass owners," Valve wrote on the DotA 2 blog. "With your help, we’ll be stress testing our servers as we prepare for our Open Beta."

As we learned when this game was originally announced, Valve's version of Auto Chess will retain all of the DotA 2 character, items, and abilities, while the creators of the Auto Chess mod, will be branching out to create a standalone title in their own universe with their own lore, characters, items, etc.

The new version from Valve will let you play online against seven other players, as well as practice offline against an array of bots. There are also options to mix and match with friends and bots, so you can play however you like.

This is an Open Beta though, so expect some bugs and some hiccups. It's not going to be the smoothest of rides. But after Artifact, Valve is desperate for gaming win, so expect it to be hot on bugs and fixes in the coming weeks.

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