EA's new MOBA Dawngate is now in public beta

If you're bored with DotA 2, League of Legends, Infinite Crisis or just feel like giving a brand new MOBA a shot, you can do so for free with EA's upcoming title Dawngate, which just entered public beta.

The trailer to go along with this announcement is a bit buzzword heavy, with phrases like "establish your own meta," and "real choices," especially since these could apply to almost any other multiplayer game that hasn't become established yet. However, while looking like a graphically retarded League of Legends, Dawngate does offer some unique gameplay when compared to its contemporaries.

For starters, towers respawn, making the snowball affect of some games less pronounced. Likewise, inhibitors aren't limited to your base, each tower acts as a smaller one, unlocking more powerful minions each time you take one down.

There's also smaller control points around the map, like resource wells which gradually earn currency for the team that controls them. This puts more emphasis on map control than perhaps some other MOBAs do.

EA is also pushing for a lore heavy universe, with a graphic novel accompanying the release of the beta and fluff-reasons for the map, the characters, the fighting, all of it.

What do you guys reckon about Dawngate? Is it different enough to stand out?

You can sign up for the beta here.

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