Epic just had to pay for everyone's Fortnite and Rocket League loot

If you've ever purchased a loot box in Fortnite or Rocket League, Epic Games owes you money. As part of its settlement in a class action lawsuit over blind loot boxes, Epic is giving 1,000 VBUCKS or Rocket League points to anyone who ever bought a loot box with a random outcome in either game. It has also set aside more than $25 million for other payouts and refunds.

Fortnite previously offered a random Loot Llama where the cosmetics you'd unlock from it would be entirely unknown until you paid for it. The same went for Rocket League with its loot crates, before Epic acquired the developer, Psyonix. This move away from random loot in games came off of the back of a 2019 lawsuit that also targeted Epic for its use of random rewards, potentially threatening a gambling rating for the games and raising their age ratings to adults only. Epic didn't want that, so it's moved swiftly to remove random rewards from loot boxes, and is now paying back those who used the system previously.

“We stopped offering random item loot boxes like Fortnite Loot Llamas and Rocket League Crates because we realized that some players were repeatedly disappointed by not receiving the random items they hoped for,” Epic CEO Tim Sweeney told PCGamesN. “Players should know upfront what they are paying for when they make in-game purchases.”

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