Eve Online's next expansion Into the Abyss is coming on May 29

CCP Games has detailed the next expansion for Eve Online, called Into the Abyss. It's slated for release on May 29 and will add a few new features to the game as part of this year's celebration of 15 years since the game was originally released.

Into the Abyss will be the 37th free expansion for Eve Online, given out to every player without restriction. It will add a new NPC faction called the Triglaivan Collective. Not much is known about them though, with players currently charged with figuring out intriguing elements of this mysterious race of beings.

They aren't quite in the game just yet though, as they'll be located exclusively within the new Abyssal Deadspace pockets, as per Kotaku. To access those areas, players will need to fly their ships through the Abyssal Deadspace gateway, transporting them into the new space of who knows what.

New resources will be available there though. CCP has promised that these materials will allow the crafting of new and intriguing weapons and modules to use on their ships, potentially altering the metagame among some of the largest conflicts in the galaxy. The further players delve into the deadspace, the greater the rewards will be, but should they lose their way or life out in that hidden portion of space, they'll lose all they discovered and harvested along the way.

Other additions with this update include a new activity tracker and an overhauled planetary interaction system.

Look forward to this next expansion at the end of May.

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