First Details About Batman: Arkham City’s Interrogations

Back in the days of Arkham Asylum, players needed only to switch Batman's Detective vision on in order to spot clues needed to solve the Riddler's puzzles, but now that Arkham City is the playground, the Riddler won't be making things that easy for his capped pursuer anymore.

"The location of [Riddler's] biggest secrets are known only to him and the people he's told," Arkham City's director Sefton Hill revealed. "Rather than unlocking their locations using maps, Batman will be able to scan a gang of thugs to find a potential informant."

Once an informant is identified, players will have to use caution. "This is the guy you need to question, but first you'll have to take down the other gang members while sparing the one you want. That can be tough when Batman's in a seamless FreeFlow combo chain."

Sefton didn't reveal how the Bat is going to extract the info from the last goon standing, but let's hope it is not as straight forward as Sam Fisher's interrogation sequences were in Splinter Cell: Conviction.

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