Gigabyte offers dummy ram sticks for a cohesive PC interior

If you're a little ashamed that you're only running two sticks of memory in dual-channel mode and not four sticks in quad-channel, Gigabyte may have the solution for you. Alongside launching its own memory kits, it also has dummy memory kits that ship out with its dual channel offerings, which don't offer any performance improvement but fill up your spare DIMM slots to make it look like they're packing extra memory.

Gigabyte might typically be known for its motherboads and graphics cards, but with the increased margins in the memory industry afforded by the continuing availability issues, it's decided to get in on the RAM game too. its first kit is a dual-stick module with 16GB in total (2 x 8GB). The DDR4 kit is based on Samsung B-Die memory (thanks PCGamesN) and is part of Gigabyte's Auros branding.

What Gigabyte hopes will help separate these memory modules from the competition though, is how they look. Alongside Gigabyte heatspreaders featuring the Auros logo, they also feature RGB lighting along the top. Gigabyte calls these "ARGB LEDs," or addressable RGB. That just means that you can customize them to look how you want.

That goes for the dummy modules that slot between them too. All of the sticks, be they real or not, have RGB lighting opportunities, letting you make the colors stand out, flow back and forth, or do all manner of fun, animated tricks with the customization software they're based on.

Do the fancy heatspreaders, dummy modules and "ARGB" LEDs sell you on the idea of Samsung-backed Gigabyte memory for your next upgrade?

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