Here's some leaked Lords of the Fallen gameplay

Dark Souls fans the world over have been keeping an eye on Lords of the Fallen for a while now. Its hardcore, one on one combat focus and pretty aesthetics look to emulate the difficult gameplay of its inspirations, while giving us a much more visually impressive world to do it in. We haven't seen much of it in action yet, but a few minutes of off screen, leaked footage have appeared online giving us a much better idea of the game's playstyle.

It appears to play in a similar fashion to giant battlers like the aforementioned Dark Souls and similarly designed franchises like Monster Hunter, with twitch controls and unforgiving combat. There is commentary from the developer, CI games, but it's not in English, so it is likely to be lost on most readers - and this writer.

However, from the gameplay we can deduce dodge and block mechanics, as a wrist bladed behemoth takes monstrous swipes at the player character, as well as sending ranged underground blade attacks his way.

There's also a hefty dose of magic, with more than a few fireballs sent towards the antagonist of the video.

Lords of the Fallen is currently slated for release this year on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 and is designed to highlight player skill progression, rather than character level ups - though equipment upgrades will feature in the game.

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