HeroQuest is back... if it's crowdfunded

HeroQuest is back... if it's crowdfunded

The classic dungeon crawling, RPG-lite board game, Hero Quest, is back! At least it will be if it hits its crowd funding target. With just $100,000 to go until it hits its $1 million threshold at the time of writing, though, it looks more than set to do so.

Hero Quest was originally released in 1989 and received expansion and support through 1997, helping to spawn a new generation of board gaming and RPG fans — this writer included. It let four heroes stomp around a personalized, or campaign-specified dungeon, fighting monsters, dodging traps, and garnering treasure before trying to escape alive. Think of it as the spiritual prequel to modern games like Descent, where one player takes on the role of the dungeon master, and the others, the heroes.

The new version of Hero Quest reimagines the experience with modern miniatures, including classic doors, furnishings, and devilishly dangerous monsters. Spells, traps, and magic items will all return in classic card form, and there will be the usual Dungeon Master screen and campaign booklet to help you lay out your dungeon for adventurers to explore.

The standard version of the game is currently going for $100, with the Mythic Tier including two upcoming expansions, priced at $50. Stretch goals that will no doubt be reached includes extra miniatures, dice, new heroes, and an additional quest book.

Want to kick in to this campaign? You can do so here, right up until November 6.