id: Rage Is Steak And Other Shooter Are A McDonald’s Meal

Not afraid of being perceived as arrogant, id Software creative director Tim Willits claimed that comparing the studio's upcoming FPS (First Person Shooter) "Rage" to other popular titles is like a fine steak to a McDonald's meal.

"We invented deathmatch, but when we looked at Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein and now Rage, we didn't want to follow the same formula that we have done for the past 20 years," he said. "So we wanted to make both the single player experience and the multiplayer experience of Rage stand on its own two feet, and be different from our other titles."

Willits was then asked about the decision to shun competitive multiplayer in favor of story driven co-op in Rage and he admitted that "there's a massive appetite for that sort of thing [competitive multiplayer]; But it's like McDonalds. There's a McDonalds on every street corner, and I love McDonalds, but I don't want to eat McDonalds every day. Sometimes you need to have steak."

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