Infinity Ward's Bowling Attacks Activision senior producer

Following the release of Call Of Duty: World At War, Activision senior producer Noah Heller participated in several interviews where he expressed his gratification for the healthy competition and cooperation between the two internal Activision studios while working on their individual Call Of Duty titles.

"Frankly, it's more gratifying to compete internally than it is against any other company, because at the end of the day, we both win if we make a great product," he said. "It's awesome that we're able to trade and we're able to do a Call of Duty game this year. They were able to do one last year, because on Call of Duty 3, it was nine months in the pipeline to get that game done, and no team should ever have to work like that."

Heller's comments where overall positive; but somehow they ended up offending Infinity Ward director of communications/community manager Robert Bowling.

On his personal blog, Bowling posted a new article, titled "Noah Heller - Stop Doing Interviews...", in which he attacked his colleague.

"Come on man, interview about your game. Not OURS!", wrote Robert Bowling. "Call of Duty: World at War can stand on its own merits, leave ours out of it."

"WTF are you talking about?! 'in previous Call of Dutys blah blah blah'. First of all, you didn't work on 'previous Call of Dutys', so don't talk as if you're down with how / why things were designed the way they were. Second, you're completely f*cking wrong."

"A rule of thumb I like to use is.... when promoting your game. Promote YOUR game. Don't compare it to another game, or reference what OTHER games did in the past, pitch YOUR game. I mean, you have lots of cool things you could talk about... like Nazi Zombies...."

Bowling then concluded his post by appealing to the press: "Can you guys please stop interviewing this guy, talk to someone who actually works on the Dev Team at Treyarch and knows what the f*ck they're talking about. Not Senior Super Douche Noah Heller from Activision - who apparently has never played the game and doesn't even work at the developer."

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