Intel Reduces New CPUs’ Performance Until Owner Pays USD 50

Similar to what some publishers do with their games' DLC, Intel is now selling underpowered CPUs and charging customers for the privilege of unlocking their full - already on board - potential.

The new program started with the Pentium G6951 CPU (coupled with Intel DH55TC or DH55PJ motherboard), which comes with a 3MB level 3 cache and with no support for HyperThreading. However, for a $50 fee Intel can remotely flip a digital switch to enable a fourth Mega Byte of level 3 cache as well as HyperThreading.

Users who want to "upgrade" their G6951 CPU have to buy an Intel's $50 "Processor Performance Upgrade Card" then download a program from Intel's website. The user then enters the card's PIN into the program which can be run on Windows 7 only. A benchmark - provided by Intel - comparing the "upgraded" G6951 CPU to the plain one is available in the screens tab.

The new program is hardly justified, given that it costs Intel nothing to enable features that are already present on the chip.

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