InWin's $5,000 aluminum case is a work of art

If you like your cases ridiculously heavy and even more ridiculously expensive, InWin has one for you. The
InWin Z-Tower is made of 40KG of aluminum and swirls around its interior hardware in a truly artistic fashion. It's certainly more of a work of art than it is a typical PC case, but if you have deep pockets and like to make your PC a centerpiece in your gaming room, this case will help you do it.

Spotted at Computex by Hardware Canucks, the Z-Tower case is made of up several pieces of polished -- or blackened, depending on your preference -- aluminum and is exceedingly heavy. It lacks almost all of the kind of features you expect from a modern case, with no dust filters, no toolless mounting systems, no cable management options. But it sure does look pretty.

So what does it have beyond a pretty face? InWin highlights its "super ventilation," which makes a lot of sense since it's effectively an open-sided case. It also has a single USB Type-C port. Pretty impressive, huh?

Not too surprising though. This is a case that's designed to look good above all else and it's quite possible no one will ever buy it. It stands out at shows though and got us talking about InWin, so perhaps that was worth it in itself.

Image source: Hexus

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