LittleBigPlanet Not One Of November's Top 10 Sellers

Sony has been touting LittleBigPlanet as the epitome of user generated gaming that'll settle the current generation of consoles war. Unfortunately for Sony, November and October games sales didn't reflect these expectations.

During its second month in market, November 2008, one of the busiest shopping months of the year, LittleBigPlanet managed to sell a meager 141,000 units. For comparison, the 10th top selling game of the same month, Wii Music, managed to 297,000 copies.

The top selling game of the month was Gears Of War 2. It managed to move more than 1.56 million units.

LittleBigPlanet's November sales casts it off the top 10 most selling games across all platforms, but it ranks as the 4th best selling Playstation 3 titles over the same month.

In its launch month, October, LittleBigPlanet sold 215,000 units.

The top 10 best selling games for November 2008 are :
1. Gears of War 2 (Microsoft, Xbox 360) - 1.56 million
2. Call of Duty: World At War (Activision Blizzard, Xbox 360) - 1.41 million
3. Wii Play (Nintendo, Wii) - 796,000
4. Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii) - 697,000
5. Mario Kart (Nintendo, Wii) - 637,00
6. Call of Duty: World At War (Activision Blizzard, PS3) - 597,000
7. Guitar Hero: World Tour (Activision Blizzard, Wii) - 475,000
8. Left 4 Dead (Electronic Arts, Xbox 360) - 410,000
9. Resistance 2 (Sony, PlayStation 3) - 385,000
10. Wii Music (Nintendo, Wii) - 297,000

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