London Games Festival Is Back

Following its success last year, the London Games Festival is back for its third year promising more events and entertainment than ever.

The festival promises something for everyone: from casual gamers and parents seeking advice on safe gaming for their children to hard-core fans wanting glimpses of the hottest titles in development or those hoping to make a career for themselves in the UK's games industry.

Last year's festival drew 100,000+ attendees to the city-wide celebration. More than 50 events were staged including Video Games Live, which saw the Royal Philharmonia Orchestra bring London's Festival Hall alive with the sound of Mario (plus Halo, Space Ace, Metal Gear Solid and Bioshock!). Trafalgar Square was packed for publisher Electronic Arts' marathon celebrity-packed two-day Be The One event. Even the Science Museum got in on the act last year with a special experiment focusing on eye movements during gameplay.

"Last year's London Games Festival was a huge success and we were thrilled with the feedback from many of those who attended and the publishers who took part", said Keith Ramsdale, Chairman of LGF. "The Trafalgar Square event looked fantastic and it was great to see so many families come down and enjoy it. We've got plenty in store for 2008 and a whole host of major partners lined up with full support from the industry. We're really looking forward to bringing the gaming industry to life in the capital again."

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