Machinima mocks Take Two's mod assault in short film

Take Two Interactive recently took the surprising step to ban certain modifications in GTA V, most notably, OpenIV, which made many different other mods possible with its low-level game tweaking and the fall out has been huge. More than 38,000 negative reviews have been posted on Steam because of this move, leading to a tarnishing of GTA V's rating on the platform and many other tens of thousands have signed petitions demanding that the mod be allowed to continue.

A new video made within GTA V showcases the problem with Take Two's move and highlights the negative effect that Take Two could have on the game. In a touching, orchestrally scored piece, we see Mario, The Hulk, and of course, a Delorean, killed and blown up by a Rockstar/Take Two representative, who seemingly doesn't want any of those custom characters to live within GTA's expanded offline worlds (thanks PCGamer).

While Take Two's response to the move has been to state how it's all about stopping cheaters from dominating online play, it's a surprising move because games like GTA benefit hugely from their enormous modding communities. They end up with near-unlimited additional content for fans to play with, which keeps the games relevant for years beyond what their original content can do.

The battle for GTA V's future is still ongoing, but so far Take Two hasn't seemed keen to listen to the angered fans.

Do you think it will do a u-turn and make it possible for all of these to exist once again?

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