Microsoft Flight Sim won't launch on Steam

Microsoft's next generation Flight Simulator, set to launch in 2020, won't be available on Steam, the software giant has confirmed. It will, we're told, be available on a wide selection of platforms, including the Windows Store, and Xbox Games Store, but beyond that, we're not sure.

"Our goal is to have Microsoft Flight Simulator available on as many platforms as possible," Microsoft states in its Flight Simulator FAQ, despite making it clear that the game won't come to Steam. At least at launch. That may mean it comes to it at a later date, but, we're not holding our breath.

Steam isn't the only platform to be snubbed by the upcoming flight sim experience. Epic Games Store isn't getting any love either, leaving tens of millions unable to play Flight Simulator on their favored platform.

With clients like GoG Galaxy and even Steam itself letting you pull games from other launchers to play through them, it may just mean that gamers need to add this title as a third party game to their preferred digital distribution platform, but it seems a shame that Microsoft is walling off what will be on of the biggest game launches of the year, behind its unpopular and arbitrary storefronts.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to launch on August 18 with a price tag of $60. There will also be more advanced versions with additional planes and airports for a higher price.

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