Mirror's Edge finally has multiplayer racing, nine years too late

Mirror's Edge was an innovative and beautiful game when it was released and even still has some of the best looking white corridors in gaming today. However, one feature that many felt the original lacked, was a proper multiplayer racing mode. Yes it had time trials, but you couldn't actually race against anyone else live and in person. Now, nine years on from the original game's release, you can, thanks to a PC mod.

The mod does actually do a good job of getting multiple characters into the game, letting you race directly against them to reach the end goal. It results in some pretty creative ways to manoeuvre through levels, but that was always the hallmark of the Mirror's Edge experience.

Unfortunately, the animations look a little janky, because as a first-person perspective game, Mirror's Edge was never supposed to be viewed from a third-person. That means that the developers used a lot of little tricks to get the first-person animations looking as good as they do, but that in turn means the human body moves and bends in bizarre ways when making jumps and wall running.

Still, if you ever wanted to race directly against your friends, now you can. You can download the mod from ModDB.

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