NaturalMotion's Morpheme Engine To Power Bodycount FPS

NaturalMotion, the game technology company behind the euphoria engine, revealed that Codemasters Studios Guildford is using morpheme to animate its 2011 FPS Bodycount. The deal comes as part of a partnership between the two British studios that will see the deployment of morpheme across certain titles in Codemasters' future portfolio.

"The morpheme engine and tools enable fast and compelling content creation, driving Bodycount's explosive animations to new heights," said Bryan Marshall, CTO of Codemasters. "morpheme integrates perfectly with our EGO Game Technology Platform, ensuring that we hit our targeted quality levels in terms of visuals and animation efficiently."

"We were very excited about seeing the results of our master agreement with Codemasters, and the latest, highly-praised sighting of Bodycount at E3 demonstrates the talent of the team working on the title." said Andy Payne, VP Sales at NaturalMotion. "We look forward to supporting them as they push the FPS genre in this new, explosive direction."

Designed to give developers and animators unprecedented creative control, morpheme saves time and resources with the real-time, graphical authoring and previewing of in-game animation. Available for PlayStation3 system, Xbox 360, Wii, PC and Apple iPhone, morpheme is licensed by the biggest developers and publishers in the games industry including Ubisoft, Disney, Codemasters, THQ, CCP, Bioware, Robomodo and many others.

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