Nintendo's New Game Boy ADVANCE

Nintendo's Game Boy is the most successful portable gaming system ever. Now those geniuses at Nintendo are introducing us to the Game Boy Advance.

The GBA will have a 32 bit CPU which expands the possibility for gaming. There is also a reflective TFT color LCD display which is now a whopping 2.9 inches (large for a portable gaming screen you have to admit). The image processing in the unit is not only faster but since it uses a finer display it is more vivid than ever before.

In addition two L and R buttons have been added to the top of the unit, expanding the possible move combinations for fighting games and so forth. Also because of the added CPU processing power, overlapping sound sources can
be used to play more than one music track simultaneously.

Surely the GBA will be as revolutionary as the original Game Boy, and it with its new capabilities it will surely become a favorite for the old Game Boy users as well as the new.

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