In online zombie survival, we're all the Governor

The Walking Dead TV show might not be as strong as it always was, but at the height of its success, there was one character that it was clear, he was the main bad guy: The Governor. Not only did he *Spoilers* have an undead daughter that he keeps locked up (he makes out with her in the comics after removing her teeth) but at one point, he forces a member of Rick's Party, Maggie, to strip down while holding her hostage. That was a big moment in the show and was designed to show the psychopathic nature of the Governor and it was jarring stuff, but not if you play any of the multiplayer zombie survival games available at the moment.

We're all aware of Rust's (I know they've now removed the zombies) naked starting point, and that one of the more unsettling emergent pieces of gameplay is hostages and how they're often forced to strip down naked, handing over all possessions and clothing to their captors.

The same thing goes on in DayZ, it's just a bit kinkier because there's often handcuffs involved.

Which is why it was perhaps nice to think that Project Zomboid, the isometric, slightly less serious take on zombie survival, might have escaped this sort of gameplay when the multiplayer mode launched recently.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case and we already have video of our first attempt at naked imprisonment. But who should be perpetrating this heinous crime? Dean Rocket Hall, the creator of DayZ, himself.

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