Pokémon GO Has Lost 79% Of Its Paying Customers

Data collected by Slice Intelligence revealed that Pokémon GO has seen a 79% drop in its paying customers in the two months following its immensely successful launch.

We always knew that Pokémon GO's popularity would fall off quickly once the initial hype and novelty wore off. Apart from walking around and flicking your finger to throw Pokeballs at the virtual creatures, there is not much in the game to keep you going. It is also reasonable to expect that the game is affected by school start and winter's weather.

That is not to say that Pokémon GO is a failure or that the game is dying anytime soon. In fact, the game is still making six times as much revenue as its nearest competitor, Candy Crush Saga. More impressively, the game is singlehandedly pulling in 28.4% of all paid mobile games revenue in USA.

By looking at Slice Intelligence's data graph, it is clear that Pokémon GO revenue is still on the decline. Obviously, Niantic is doing its best to counter that with updates such as the recently introduced buddy system and the upcoming release of Pokémon GO Plus Bluetooth device and the Apple Watch app. Whether this would be enough to stop the decline remains to be seen.

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