Pokémon Red is now fully playable inside Minecraft

Yo dawg, I heard you like games, so we put a game in your game so you can game while you game. That's a pretty played out joke, but it's one that is extremely apt for this story, because one Minecraft player has managed to build an unfathomably complicated redstone network to recreate a playable version of Pokémon Red inside Minecraft.

Built by Youtuber MrSquishy, the pocket monster collecting game has menus, wild encounters, NPC conversations, battles, shops, Pokécentres and an Elite Four at the end. You can play from Professor Oak's earliest introduction, right through to the end credits and beyond. All of Pokémon Red is there to play.

Perhaps most impressively, all this was achieved within vanilla Minecraft, so it's not like Squishy used a bunch of mods to help speed up the process or implement functions that aren't available to anyone with the base game.

The map sees you stood in front of an enormous game boy with an 8bit monochromatic display, which uses moving wood blocks to simulate pixels.

This isn't the first game that MrSquishy has built within Minecraft. His previous creations include PacMan and Pixel Drop, among many other non-gaming related Minecraft projects.

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