PopCap CCO Predicts The End Of Facebook Games’ Golden Era

PopCap Games' Chief Creative Office Jason Kapalka predicts that the rapid growth which FaceBook games have been seeing is finally coming to an end.

"You're definitely in the stage right now in social games where there's a lot of bandwagon jumping, where everyone sees moneymoneymoney and suddenly all these new companies appear," he said. "It happened before in mobile, it happened before in casual - in the past it's tended to signal the beginning of the end. Not necessarily of the genre, but of the sort of golden era, where everything was a fresh blue ocean."

But that doesn't make Kapalka worry as he believes that PopCap is relatively safe due to the fact that it is well entrenched in several platforms.

"In general, it feels like the industry is caught up in the kind of games that we've always been doing," he explained. "It feels less like we're in a position where we have to argue about why casual games and other games like we do are legitimate forms of entertainment."

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