Rock Band Inventory Won't Meet Demand

In its fiscal second quarter 2007 call to investors, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello said that it is unlikely for EA to meet expected demand for Rock Band through the holiday season into year-end.

"On the 19th of November I would get in line outside your favorite retailer, because we've got one hot product, we have a lot of inventory coming -- and my expectation is that it will sell through," said Riccitiello, adding that the subsequent European launch at the end of Q4 is anticipated to be "similarly strong."

Rock Band game + peripheral bundle will retail for $169, but EA "won't be able to put up enough inventory to meet the demand of this fiscal or calendar year."

The EA CEO then suggested that if you don't pick up Rock Band at launch time, you "won't be getting one for Christmas, unless you know someone at one of our retailers."

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