Ronda Rousey to start streaming Pokémon on Facebook Gaming

As if there weren't enough people streaming games, ex-mixed martial artist and current professional wrestler, Ronda Rousey, has announced that she's going to be streaming one of her favorite gaming franchises, Pokémon, on Facebook Gaming. Set to begin on February 18, it's not clear how regular a thing this will be, but all proceeds from the stream will be going to the Australian bushfire recovery effort charities.

Rousey has always been known as a gamer. During her tenure with Strikeforce and the UFC, she was well known to play games in her downtime as well as when cutting weight. Favorites included World of Warcraft and various Pokémon titles and it's that latter series that Rousey will be streaming on February 18. Set to start at 15:00 PST, the stream will start off with Sword and Shield, though Rousey may delve into other games in the future.

Rousey suggested that she'll probably continue the stream after this date, most likely every Sunday, or every Monday morning.

"We'll figure it out," she says.

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