A Single Fan Translated Zelda’s Hilyan Alphabet Fully

Despite being said to be uncrackable, the Hylian alphabet from Zelda: Skyward Sword was translated to English and a font was created so that you can write in it.

The alphabet was deciphered by a single dedicated fan who used no more than a really tiny pattern in the Lanayru section of the game. The Zelda Universe forum member, Sarinilli, explained her thought process as follows:

"If you take the alphabet and break it down into four lines, three of 8 and one with the remaining two as so:


then take a look at those signs in Lanayru with the tiiiinnny text, you can see the pattern actually fits."

Interestingly enough, the game's Hyrule Historia describes Hylian as an "alphabet existing from the reign of the goddess Hylia. It can be seen in various locations such as in Skyloft and the pedestal of the Goddess' Sword where it is enshrined. This ancient text cannot be translated."

You can download the Hylian font from here.

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