SNK's Neo geo Mini will bring the arcade to your living room

SNK has announced that alongside its 40th anniversary, it will be launching a brand new home games console called the neogeo mini. Aping the likes of the NES and SNES minis, the neogeo mini is a micro version of the classic neogeo MVS, or multi-video system, that allowed arcade gamers to enjoy as many as six games on a single arcade cabinet using its specialized cartridge system.

The neogeo mini, though, won't be using cartridges and will instead be an emulator system like Nintendo's micro console alternatives. It will come loaded with 40 games as standard, which is also somewhat comparable, but where it will really stand apart is in how standalone it is. The system will come with built in controls in the form of a classic arcade stick and buttons, and a 3.5-inch diagonally display that you can actually play the games on like a real arcade cabinet.

Of course such a display isn't ideal when we live in a world where smartphones have bigger screens, so there will also be an HDMI output that will let you hook it up to a TV for much larger-screen gaming. As Hexus reports, there's also a headphone jack so that you can play without waking the baby, or angering the neighbors -- whatever your current life situation demands.

You'll also be able to plug in external controllers which will be sold separately, so there will be plenty of options for how you can play the neogeo mini, but it could be a great travel companion for its sheer versatility.

We don't know what games the system will have just yet, but art mockups suggest the Metal Slug series, King of Fighters 97, and Fatal Fury could all make an appearance.

SNK has yet to announce a release date or full launch price.

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