SOE item creation netted one player $100,000

You've heard about content creators making boatloads of money for items in Valve games like Team Fortress 2, but Sony is also pushing players to create in-game content for games like Everquest, Everquest II and Planetside II and one player has already amassed over $100,000l from selling items he created.

This news was unveiled by Sony Online Entertainment in a chat between John Smedley, current CEO of SOE and Game Talk Live, who praised the efforts of the highest earning Player Studio user.

Of course this player isn't the only one, others have been earning thousands through their own imaginative item creation - though Smedley didn't go into details on how much the second player creator has made.

Whatever the average content creator makes though, chances are it'll go up over the next couple of years, as SOE has big plans for its Player Studio. Upcoming titles Landmark and zombie survival H1Z1 are going to support it and there's a lot of scope for item creation in those games, so it could be interesting to see what players come up with.

It could also play a big part in making H1Z1 stand out and speed up its development. The problem with DayZ, is that its development schedule has been so long. If H1Z1 can get to market quickly with a lot of content, it could really draw away some zombie survival players from other titles.

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