Sonic Mania's Denuvo was cracked in a matter of days

Although Denuvo was once hailed by some scene groups as potentially the end game for videogame piracy and a possible end of the practice of cracking games altogether, those days are long gone. Now that crackers have found their way into the software, each new release is bypassed faster than its predecessor and now the version used for Sonic Mania has been cracked in just eight days.

Sonic Mania's DRM was a topic of much contention in some circles, as it shipped with an always on requirement that many people weren't pleased with. Oddly enough, the creators weren't too happy either, suggesting it was some sort of mistake that that DRM had been added. It was removed rather swiftly so perhaps there was some credence to that rumor. Still, Denuvo isn't something gamers particularly like, even if it is one of the least intrusive DRM solutions.

For those who don't want it then, there is now a solution, though of course, it's an illegal one.

What will now be most interesting, as Kotaku points out, is whether Sega will follow suit with some of the other major publishers and drop the support for Denuvo in Sonic Mania. Once its protective measures have been cracked and the game is out in the wild, available to pirate, it's largely useless having Denuvo still door check those who purchased the game legitimately.

How do you guys feel about the use of Denuvo in games? I've not noticed any particularly negative aspects of it, though I know in many circles it's not popular.

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