Sony Europe CEO: Meeting PS4 Demand Will Be Sony's Greatest Challenge

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan believes that the greatest challenge the company will face in the near future is shipping PlayStation 4 consoles as fast as it sells.

When asked about Microsoft's deal with EA to bundle FIFA 14 with all pre-ordered Xbox One consoles in Europe, Ryan pondered "why should we do that?" Ryan asked.

"Our problem is gonna be matching supply to demand," he added. "It's perfectly rational when a platform holder, or indeed a publisher, runs a pre-order campaign to engage in promotional behaviour to dial it up if you feel it's not where you need it to be. That's a rational thing for any businessman to do."

Ryan then noted that Sony has already halted PlayStation 4 launch day pre-orders. "So why would we go out and add something," he asked. "Giving away stuff on day one of a new platform launch, in my mind it's kind of odd."

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