Survey: Most 3DS Owners Hate Or Don’t Know About Its 3D

A new survey conducted by research firm Interpret LLC found that 28% of Nintendo 3DS' owners find that its glasses-less 3D actually detracts from the playing experience, 22% find that it improves gameplay and the rest (50%) are not affected by it.

The study also found that 13% of the system owners prefer to play with the 3D effect off and that Nintendo failed to communicate the system's capabilities to the consumers as only 60% of the 1600 adult respondents knew that the 3DS was capable of producing 3D output and 28% only knew that no glasses are required to take advantage of its 3D display.

Adding insult to injury, only 7% described the 3DS as an "ideal" 3D gaming device, with 56% indicating that a 3D HD TV and a console would provide that ideal experience.

Finally, 37% of the respondents reported feeling nausea and dizziness after viewing stereoscopic 3D content; this is up from last year's 30%.

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