Team Meat talks Mew-Genics soundtrack

The guys behind Super Meat Boy, Team Meat, have been dropping hints about their next-game, Mewgenics, for some time now. It's a mashup of genres, with Pokemon, Animal Crossing and the Sims all helping to create a cat breeding, cat battling, cat housing simulator, in that classic Team Meat art style.

But what will it all sound like?

We heard some of what the music could be like when that short, song-promo trailer was released earlier this year, but it's only now that Team Meat has really opened up on the game's soundtrack; and it's jazzy.

You can listen to two tracks from the game below and a couple of others over at this Bandcamp page, but there will be a total of 12 different "jukebox," tracks within the game, that mixes in with the rest of the game's soundtrack - apparently.

There's also little audio cues in there though that will keep it all sounding like the state of the game. For instance, if it starts raining, Mewgenics will kickstart the moody, mopey tracks, or things will speed up when the day's turn crispy.

While understandably a little biased, the Team Meat guys are pretty pleased with the music they have for the game, saying to close out the blog post: "Im quite blown away by how great of a job Matthias and John have done on this album, its by far the most listenable album ive heard from a game since Katamari and just about as nutty."

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