There's More to Assassin's Creed

There's More to Assassin's Creed There's More to Assassin's Creed

An actress, Kristen Bell, involved in Assassin's Creed has revealed some storyline information which suggests that there will be a lot more to the game than the simple crusade roof-top killing we had all assumed.

Ubisoft has been trying to keep some of the story details to the game secret but it seems that the actress has blown the lid on some of the details. During a TV interview the actress commented, It's sort of based on the research that's sort of happening now, about the fact that your genes might be able to hold memory. And you could argue semantics and say it's instinct, but how does a baby bird know to eat a worm, as opposed to a cockroach, if its parents don't show it? If you are confused about the details revealed this far, prepare to be even further dazzled by the following revelation, And it's about this science company trying to, Matrix-style, go into peoples brains and find out an ancestor who used to be an assassin, and sort of locate who that person is.

Ubisoft has not commented on the information provided by Ms Bell but since the actress is working on Assassin's Creed we expect the information to be reliable. Assassin's Creed is expected in 2007 for PC, PS3 and XBox 360.